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Tooth Coloured Fillings

Silver Fillings have been around for times immemorial. This treatment option has been around for more than a century. Till about twenty years ago these were about the only fillings available to us. Mercury is used to to mix with the Silver powder granules prior to filling the tooth. Today there is greater awareness about the Toxic effects of Mercury. Hence, they are not frequently used.

They are less expensive than the White Fillings but the fillings tend to tarnish over a period of time. Yet for those who would still prefer to have Silver Fillings, the facility is available.

This is the age of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. Use of Mercury which is used in Silver Fillings and is toxic to the Human Body is avoided. The latest advances in the Dental Materials available to us have put adhesive Dentistry on the forefront. Hence, a filling can be stuck on to the tooth by Chemical Bonding without having to create a mechanical locking as used to be the case with the use of Silver Fillings. These are known as White Fillings. The amount of damage to the healthy tooth structure is almost non existent.

At the clinic, special care is taken to avoid any cutting of the healthy tooth structure. Only the infected portion of the tooth is cleaned out. Then using the State of The Art Filling Materials, imported directly from the West, the tooth is restored to its original shape. The end result is such that it is actually difficult to make out where the filling actually starts.

Tooth Colored Filling

This woman was concerned about her lateral incisor (arrow), which was discolored because of a silver filling.

Replacement of the defective amalgam filling with composite resin helped to restore proper color to the tooth. In the front of the mouth, it is generally advisable to use tooth-colored filling materials when possible. crowns. An alternative treatment is cosmetic contouring.

Tooth Colored Filling
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Eat a nutritious, well balanced diet. Limit between - meal snacks to reduce acid formation in the mouth.

Floss daily to remove plaque and help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Schedule regular check ups with dental professionals to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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